Fill your child's week with fun learning activities!

You won't have a hard time planning your child's activities at home with the help of The Seed Learning's activity plans.

What are Activity Plans?
An Activity Plan is like a recipe that will help you in preparing for your child’s assigned activities. It also provides you with enrichment questions and reminders on how to appropriately facilitate and guide your child through each step of the activity’s process.

Keep them engaged in learning through our live sessions.

Dive into the world of learning with our one-on-one live sessions with our teachers!

What are Live Sessions?
Live sessions are the meetings scheduled with a teacher to conduct the learning session.

Socialize with new friends in our Zoommunity Time!

Get a chance to meet new friends in our group sessions with the other students and teachers.

What is Zoommunity?
Zoommunity Time is a community time via Zoom where learners gather all together and have a circle time session filled with stories, singing, and movement! It also gives them a chance to interact with other kids especially now that we are all isolated in our own individual homes.

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