Celebrating the fruits of One Year!

For the entire month of September, The Seed Learning celebrated its first anniversary with a lot of events and giveaways for the community. The first cycle of the fourth term kicked off on the first week of September with the constant and regular release of educational videos on our Youtube channel. In addition, we also had a Birthday Celebration via Zoommunity Time last September 3, which was led by Teachers Len and Tin. The children and the parents joined the teachers of TSL as we read a birthday-themed story written by Eric Carle called “The Secret Birthday Message”. The Zoommunity gathering was concluded with a Happy Birthday song by the children and the teachers. 

On the second week of our month-long birthday celebration, we hosted Circle Time and Story Time via Instagram Live, which was led by Teachers Tin and Meg. The teachers had a blast interacting with the mommies and the children who were watching from their mobile devices! 

On Saturday, September 18, we held a free webinar for teachers, parents, and advocates of children with special needs entitled “Safe Spaces: A Webinar on Creating a Healthy Home for Children with Special Needs”, where our speakers Ms. Patricia Rivera and Dr. Jeanne Dy shared their knowledge about the situation of children with special needs with regards to distance learning, and how we, as parents and educators, can better address their needs. We welcomed more than 60 attendees to our first ever webinar, where the attendees were able to bring home new information that they can apply to their workplace or their family life. On the day of the webinar, the winners of our Birthday Giveaway on Instagram were also announced! Through the generosity of Lukas and Lukas, a local online store that sells minimalist and high quality educational materials, we were able to give out a set of Magblox Magnetic Tiles to one lucky momma, as well as 500-peso gift certificates to 2 lucky webinar attendees! 

Lastly, on our final week of the birthday celebration, we announced the release of our first Activity Book called “Busy Bee Activity Book”. This was a collaboration between the teachers at The Seed Learning and with local illustrator Marika Sison (@marksofmarika). The teachers were the ones who conceptualized the open-ended activities within the activity book, while Marika or Teacher Ika was the one who drew the beautiful illustrations that accompanied each activity. 

As usual, we wrapped up our cycle with a Zoommunity Time gathering with all of the students at TSL. Teacher Tushka led the class through circle time and a quick story, with some music and movement at the end. On behalf of all the teachers at The Seed, we are truly grateful to the families involved for one whole year of growth! May we continue to stand by our vision of nurturing the seeds of childhood in the best way that we can during this pandemic.