Frequently Asked Questions

We are not a school. The Seed Learning is a progressive early childhood one-on-one tutorial service. Our teaching philosophy is patterned after renowned educational theorists, John Dewey, Jerome Bruner, and Urie Bronfenbrenner. 

The Seed Learning believes that learning becomes optimal when the child (or the learner) is at the center. The teacher and the parent will serve as a facilitator, who will pave the way and guide the child towards acquiring new knowledge through constant engagement. 

Due to the remote setup during this pandemic, the teachers have lost face-to-face access with their students. Therefore, we believe that your child’s learning and academic experiences will only be effective with the collaboration of the teacher’s instruction and the parent’s face-to-face facilitation at home. 

The Seed Learning is different from other tutorial services in that we take our time to get to know and understand your child in order to better empathize with them. We do this through the use of a detailed assessment form that the parents have to fill out at the start of each program, and monthly check-ins with the teacher. We recognize that each child works at their own pace. We want to prioritize the social and emotional development of your child as we believe that children are most productive with academic work when they recognize that they are ready to do work. 

You will be getting high quality service and assistance from our skilled early childhood teachers and grade school tutors. Our teachers take their time curate an individualized learning plan that your child will surely enjoy! 

The Weekly Plan is a weekly calendar that has your child’s routine and daily activities and live sessions for a given week. It is created and planned by your child’s teacher.

An Activity Plan is like a recipe that will help you in preparing for your child’s assigned activities. It also provides you with enrichment questions and reminders on how to appropriately facilitate and guide your child through each step of the activity’s process.

The Toddler Program (1.6-2.11 years) is a collaborative effort between the teacher and the parent. You or your child’s guardian should be able to allot time to prepare and facilitate activities for your child. In the Toddler program, the teacher will be like a “coach” who will guide the parent through the activities when needed. There will be no live sessions as we believe that online instruction is not ideal for children below 3 years old. 

The approach for preschool-aged children (3-5 years) who are on their way to Kinder or grade school will still be learner-centered. However, it will be more subject-specific, and it will have more guidance from the teacher so as to prepare them for the challenges that the “big” school has to offer! We will be focusing on skills in the subjects of Writing, Reading, Mathematics, and Science. This program will be a mix of parent-guided Activity Plans and weekly Live Sessions with the teacher.

Tutorials for children in grade school will still have the learner-centered approach, but the focus will have the child working together with their tutor on skills that are specific to the subjects that they may have difficulty on. If appropriate, children in this age group will also be encouraged to partake in study groups with 3-4 other children to establish competency. The Seed Learning offers tutorials for children in Grades 1 through 6. 

Group classes for Kinder Prep students are included in our program and is held once a week (every Friday), to provide our one-on-one students with the opportunity to socialize with other children their age. 

Once a month, all the students at The Seed also meet for Community Time, which is a general assembly of all the enrolled students at our center. 

The Seed has a baseline for learning packs called “Basic Packs”. Families will have the option to customize their child’s learning packs by upgrading from the Basic Packs.

Each Activity Plan costs PhP 400, and 15-min Live Sessions are charged at PhP 100 for Toddlers/Kinder Prep and PhP 125 for Grade School.