What is The Seed Learning (TSL)?

TSL is a progressive tutorial service for children in early childhood, specifically for those in the early grades (K-2). We also offer one-on-one preparatory programs for preschool children (ages 3-5 years) who will soon be entering “big school” or Kindergarten. 

Since the pandemic began, our services have been limited to online only. We currently offer various online programs for toddlers up to Grade 6. We mainly offer one-on-one tutorial services for preschoolers and grade schoolers. However, in the recent months, we have expanded our services to offer virtual group classes for toddlers (1.6-2.11 years), preschoolers (3-5 years), children in the early grades (6-8 years), and children in middle childhood (6-12 years). Check out our Programs to learn more!

We hope that once it is safe to go out again, we will be able to hold face-to-face sessions with students!


Established in September 2020, The Seed Learning envisions to build a community of learners that values early childhood care and development that is holistic, collaborative, and accessible to all Filipino children.


We aim to establish a learning environment that scaffolds the holistic development of young Filipino children through constant collaboration between teachers and families. 

"Meeting your child where they are"

Our teaching philosophy is founded on the constructivist theory of progressive education, which stems from the works of educators like John Dewey and Jerome Bruner. Constructivism is a learner- or child-centered approach to education, where learning occurs from the child’s experiences, and they use these experiences to go into a series of inquiries and thus build new knowledge from it. We believe that children are innately smart, and they are capable of thinking for themselves. However, it is also given that there should be mindful facilitation and guidance from the child’s guardians (i.e. parents and teachers).

We, at The Seed, also believe that the child’s environment and surroundings play an important role in development. This is backed by Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory, which posits that a child’s surroundings from the home to the current society that they live in can have an effect on their development. This means that having a conducive learning environment at home is very important in your child’s learning experience.